HACCP and GMP Badge

Nippon Premium Bakery Inc. (NPB) has been registered by BSI Group Philippines, Inc. last December 14, 2021 with a food safety management system that complies with the requirements of Codex Alimentarius Alinorm: 2003/13A (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

With this certificate, Fuwa Fuwa promises and continues to bring safe, quality and high valued products that will make everybody's day simply full of happiness!

Fuwa Fuwa Select Loaf Bread freshly baked from oven

Creating products that matter

Nippon Premium Bakery Inc. cares for what each individual and families eat. With this, every product manufactured in the plant assures that safety, quality, cleanliness and sanitation is observed and practiced.

Using Air Shower for best practice sanitation

Our company follows Japan’s standard of manufacturing:

  • Production personnel strictly goes through a series of sanitation procedures to ensure products will not be contaminated.
  • Factory is regularly cleaned to avoid pests.
  • Purchased ingredients are maintained in well ventilated and suitable areas.

Double checking the finished product for quality assurance

Highest Quality - Guaranteed!

Definitely, all of Fuwa Fuwa products are of good care and of the highest quality – this is a guarantee that all products are made with Japan’s passion and love for the bread itself.

Engaging with
state-of-the-art machines

Ever wondered how breads are made? How can we make thousands of loaves in just an hour? Or how do we maintain our breads to look the way you wanted to eat it?

The answer is in our collaboration with our suppliers who equip us with state-of-the-art Japanese technology bread machines that support our manufacturing process. Include our collaborative Japanese and Filipino bakers whose expertise show true craftsmanship in baking.

Our bread machines and people are one of our investments. We make and continue meaningful investments in our process, people and tools to ensure consumers that every bread you buy has your trust in consistency of great taste, texture, quality and appearance. Premium breads authentically Japanese made.

Sincere craftsmanship

Bread making is a passion. It’s also creativity mixed with patience to serve breads full of quality and the greatest attention.

We source our ingredients from producers whose commitment is the same as ours – excellence and sustainable. As a start, ingredients are carefully measured and combined to create that most perfect dough – mixed at the right time at the right temperature to achieve optimal texture. Some breads need time to achieve its consistency, so we wait patiently… Once done, it’s now good to bake. After baking, the breads cool down and is ready for packing.

Packing our breads makes us excited because we know when we send it to our partner retailers, customers will have their fluffiest Japanese treats anytime and anywhere!



As a front runner of a Japanese style bread manufacturer in the Philippines, our company aims to not only develop and expand our own market, but to also impart Japanese food culture and life style through the production of a variety of distinctive and delicious bakery products that Filipinos can enjoy in every bite.

Our vision does not end in initially operating and supplying affordable high-quality bread in Metro Manila, but to rapidly expand our operation from northern and southern part of the Philippines and to utilize accumulated technical know-how, new equipment and technology based and in compliance with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and Japanese standards of hygiene food processing method.


Our most essential task is to provide safe and secure baked products to the market under strict hygiene and sanitary management.

Maintaining our brand image by consistently supplying quality bread and addressing consumers' need for variety are important missions and always a priority. Our goal is fixed towards our customers' satisfaction because our customers deserve nothing less.

These continued actions can make our company's value stronger that will eventually make our employees and their families happy and experience prosperous life.

In order to achieve these objectives, the following core values must be appreciated and observed:

1. To conduct business in a lawful and ethical manner
2. To observe highest ethical standards in whatever we do and to perform all we do with integrity
3. To ensure employees' health and safety at all times
4. To comply with all laws and regulations; and act, in accordance with our corporate social responsibility as a member of the Filipino society
5. To remain focused in harmonizing business results and satisfaction of all our stakeholders

Company Overview

Nippon Premium Bakery Inc. (NPB) started in 2017 as a manufacturer and retailer of Japanese baked products. Our venture begins with a strong partnership of Sojitz Corporation, Ryoyu Baking Co. Ltd, and JR&R Distributors, Inc. – with these combined strengths, NPB aspires to be the best of what consumers can expect from Japan, and to each Filipino household.

Each partner has their own specialty that supports NPB to become one of the best baked goods manufacturing company: Sojitz Corporation from Tokyo, Japan provides for business management and support of the development of established company; Ryoyu Baking Co. Ltd from Fukuoka, Japan has over 70 years of baking knowledge; with this, their commitment ensures that all baked goods are authentic and of the highest quality; JR&R Distributors, Inc. is one of the trusted distributors in the Philippines wherein their vast network and sales expertise assure accurate delivery.

With the partners working together, Nippon Premium Bakery Inc. emerged to bring the brand - FUWA FUWA, where delightful fun, fresh lifestyle, unwavering passion, and inspired creation of premium Japanese baked goods is our best every day.