National Capital Region - Makati

Job Responsibilities:
  • Responsible in the identification, procurement and inventory control of resource requirements as to pantry supplies, office supplies and equipment in Makati Sales Office.
  • Perform liaison works for the company to the different banks for cash account and payroll account processing, to Local Government Units (LGUs) and/or government agencies for application and renewal of permits and licenses as required; and to law offices for corporate legal matters.
  • Monitor effectivity of and compliance with the lease agreement pertaining to the Makati Sales Office; and attend to the company’s obligation to settle any and all utility bills.
  • Prepare petty cash vouchers and pay from the petty cash fund duly approved reimbursements of petty expenses at Makati Sales Office.
  • Prepare regular replenishments or as required for the petty cash by compiling and summarizing the paid petty cash vouchers with complete supporting documents.
  • Coordinate with courier service all outgoing and incoming documents both international and local coursed through Makati Sales Office.
  • Process, monitor and file official business travel authorization of the employee assigned in Makati Sales Office.
  • See to it that all communication equipment (telephone & cell-phones) are well functioning and properly used.
  • Coordinate international and domestic travel arrangements and bookings.
  • Arrange hotel reservation and/or bookings for the company.
  • Assist in handling visa and Alien Employment Permit (AEP) requirements and documentations/records of all expatriates.
  • Assist HR & General Affairs Supervisor in managing company events and social functions.
  • College Graduate
  • Have at least one (1) year related experience in general administrative works
  • Highly organized and with strong desire to succeed
  • Must have strong personality, the desire to learn fast and the ability to handle pressures
  • Persuasive and has logical thinking ability
  • Able to prioritize and plan work activities timely and efficiently
  • Willing to be cross-trained in other areas of human resource development
  • Well-versed in MS Word, Excel and Office PowerPoint
  • Good English communication skills both written and oral

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Job Responsibilities:
  • Obtain signed trading terms and agreements from sales on a timely manner Ensure that all TTA's are updated.
  • Manage collection and associated functions.
  • Reconcile collection receipt with charge invoice and deposits.
  • Provide support for internal and external audits if needed.
  • Obtain/monitor AFA of marketing and sales related expenses and the corresponding period where and when its applied/consummated.
  • Contact clients for payment resolution.
  • Maintain billing accounts and records.
  • Coordinate with sales any concern involving A/R.
  • Graduate of Bachelor of Science and Accountancy
  • 2-3 years of experience with collections, invoicing, and/or accounts receivable
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications
  • Knowledge in basic accounting principles
  • Strong attention to details
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Ability to analyze large set of data
  • High degree of familiarity with accounts receivable functions.
  • Flexible and willing to do ad hoc functions outside A/R
  • Willing to be assigned in Makati Head Office

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Calabarzon - FPIP

Job Responsibilities:
  • Ensures cost-effective overall maintenance activities of the plant and facilities. Plans, formulates and implements plant maintenance program.
  • Prepares annual budget for repairs and maintenance of plant’s equipment and machineries including facilities and utilities. Ensures on time accomplishment of plant projects from job inquiry, approvals, and schedules to completion. Manage, coordinates and monitors the acquisition and implementation of CAPEX projects.
  • Ensures consistent implementation, training and maintenance of Good Manufacturing Practices, Safety Procedures and Maintenance System.
  • Optimize equipment according to standard procedure, enhancing performance and product quality, ensuring the achievement of all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Action Indicators (KAIs).
  • Monitors and controls maintenance spending of the plant. Sources out alternatives to items being used.
  • Manage the process of the introduction of new machinery, plant and equipment from drawing up the specification, to managing suppliers through to full installation in collaboration with all relevant parties.
  • Manage contractors on site to ensure they meet legal and company requirements. Coordinates with interdepartmental group for the rush implementation of engineering services to minimize downtime.
  • Prepare the annual Maintenance budget and forecasts and all Capital Expenditure proposals as well as ensuring compliance with legal standards. Manage the budget from identification to completion of projects.
  • Work collaboratively, negotiate and engage with key stakeholders to facilitate delivery and compliance with the maintenance strategy.
  • Liaise and communicate with other departments, customers, suppliers, government agencies and other service providers
  • Performs other functions as may be assigned by superior from time to time.
  • University Degree in an Engineering field preferably Professional Mechanical Engineer or Professional Electrical Engineer
  • With 10 to 15 years' working experience in Operation & Maintenance management of food manufacturing facilities and FMCG, preferably 7 to 10 years in management level.
  • Experience in Building Management Systems (BMS), Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and HVAC and Mechanical Ventilation systems.
  • With good understanding of energy management best practices and overall systems optimization.

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Calabarzon - FPIP

Job Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for full systems development cycle of in-house programs and company website, including system requirements/specifications, coding/programming, testing, implementation/deployment, training and documentation.
  • Responsible for SAP master data registration, functional support, access rights assignment and development of reports using Crystal Reports.
  • In-charge of database management of in-house systems.
  • In-charge of systems documentation.
  • Provides tier one (level 1) user support and troubleshooting.
  • In case of security incident, the administration reports to the IT Manager immediately.
  • Maintains records of monitoring, requests and tickets.
  • Conducts in-house training and creates manuals, as needed
  • In-charge of creating documentations for purchases.
  • In-charge of filing request forms
  • Provides tier on (level 1) user support and troubleshooting in the absence/unavailability of Systems Administrator.
  • Performs other responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time.
  • Graduate of Bachelor Degree / Information Technology, Computer Science or other related course.
  • With at least one (1) year experience in web programming and web server setup.
  • Skills in database management, query language and development tools, such as Crystal Reports.
  • Preferably with SAP background.

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Calabarzon - FPIP

Job Responsibilities:
  • Monitors, inspects and maintains all production related industrial bakery equipment, devices, controls and interrelated electrical equipment.
  • Informs immediate superior and/or other personnel concerned, to observe abnormal or unsafe condition that may require close attention, immediate repair/adjustment or equipment shutdown.
  • Perform parameter monitoring i.e., pressure, temperature, voltage, frequency, etc. and make sure all are within requires operating parameters.
  • Responds to immediate repairs and troubleshoot electro-mechanical problems, which arise during production in this specified area of responsibility.
  • Perform data encoding of recorded parameters for the covered equipment.
  • Follows company rules and regulations, Good Manufacturing Practices, standard operating procedures (SOP) strictly and do housekeeping before and after working for a clean and safer working area.
  • Associate degree or technical certification in related technical field, preferably with Master electrician or Certified Plant mechanic (CPM) license.
  • Three (3) to five (5) years of demonstrated experience operating and maintaining production equipment specially to industrial bakery machines.
  • Operation of production machines; Preventive maintenance of Mechanical and Electrical systems, CCTV, FDAS, gas detection and alarm system. PLC troubleshooting.

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Calabarzon - FPIP

Job Responsibilities:
  • Assist the Logistics & Finished Goods Warehouse Manager in overseeing the operation of the FG Warehouse/distribution center.
  • Implement procedures and improvements on internal and external standards, processes and procedures at the FG Warehouse.
  • Monitor dispatch of orders and documents for the day and on a timely manner.
  • Ensure completeness of all documents needed for dispatch such as sales invoice, delivery receipts and delivery trip ticket.
  • Ensure completeness of received stocks.
  • Keep appropriate records and reports to guarantee that tight inventory control and security are maintained.
  • Ensure accurate physical inventory versus system count.
  • Conduct physical inventories count and do reconciliation.
  • Ensure proper stock rotation (FIFO).
  • College graduate of any course
  • With at least 5 years of experience in incoming and outgoing inventory of finished goods and logistics
  • With supply chain management or food industry experience, an advantage
  • Knowledgeable in SAP

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Calabarzon - FPIP

Job Responsibilities:
    Finished Goods Warehouse Staff (Checker)

  • Check the completeness of finished goods/stocks for each customer prior and during loading to delivery trucks.
  • Check the condition of all delivery trucks before loading the finished goods/stocks from the FG Warehouse.
  • Receive all finished goods from Production and ensure quantity accuracy and completeness.

  • Finished Goods Warehouse Staff (Picker)

  • Ensure accurate picking of finished goods/stocks at the FG Warehouse.
  • Observe strict performance of FIFO in picking finished goods/stocks.
  • Ensure that no damage will happen in picking finished goods/stocks.
  • Observe proper segregation of good and bad stocks.
  • Monitor and report all damaged products and pallets encountered inside the FG Warehouse.

  • Finished Goods Warehouse Staff (B.O. Custodian)

  • Receive all returned/recovered products from the delivery personnel and ensure that these returned/recovered products are sealed, complete and are considered valid BO.
  • Document returned / recovered products through its batch reference by taking down / writing.
  • Observe proper segregation of all returned/recovered products at the BO area.

  • Other Responsibilities:

  • Ensure cleanliness and orderliness in the FG Warehouse.
  • Immediately report to Finished Goods Warehouse Supervisor any untoward incidence inside the FG Warehouse.
  • Follow instructions from the Finished Goods Warehouse Supervisor and FG Warehouse Specialist.
  • Familiarize all products and product codes.
  • Ensure cleanliness and orderliness in the FG Warehouse.
  • At least High School graduate
  • With experience on incoming and outgoing inventory of finished goods
  • With experience in food industry, an advantage but not required
  • Have basic mathematical and analytical skills
  • Have the ability to manage time and analyze data; and detail-oriented
  • Capable of physical demands such as lifting, carrying, pushing/pulling of stocks inside the FG Warehouse

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Calabarzon - FPIP

Job Responsibilities:
    A. Process Line and Retention Monitoring

  • Monitors continuous implementation of food safety policies and accurate record keeping.
  • Assess the conformity of operations against established SOPs, food safety and quality standards, and company policies.
  • Conducts weight validation of process and finished goods at the line according to standard parameters.
  • Assist in troubleshooting on any deviation found in the process lines that directly affect the quality of the finished products.
  • Creates procedures and monitoring of the retention samples and prepare reports of all result obtained.
  • Conducts GMP/SSOP and sanitation inspection and audit.

  • B. Material Inspection and Finished Product Analysis

  • Inspects the quality attributes of direct materials by referring to applicable standard specification to ensure material integrity and compliance.
  • Set ups, adjusts, calibrates and operates laboratory equipment and instruments.
  • Conducts physico-chemical and microbiological test of direct materials and finished goods.
  • Recommends the approval or rejection of direct materials to ensure consistent quality and food safety in all products.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of QA systems and procedures.
  • Maintains accurate inspection records, analyses and analytical activities and prepare reports of all result obtained.
  • Graduate of Food Technology, Microbiology or any related course
  • Preferably with 2 years of experience but fresh graduates are welcome to apply

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Calabarzon - FPIP

Job Responsibilities:
  • Receives, checks and records all incoming Direct Material and other supplies delivered by the Supplier (unload, label and store).
  • Transports DM from Receiving Area and properly stores in designated storage location.
  • Processes all received materials in SAP System, encodes all necessary information (e.g. Batch/lot #, Expiration Date, Production Date, Conversion Factor, etc.
  • Prepares Production Requests by processing SAP Inventory Requests, preparing materials, unwrapping outer packaging, labeling of materials & placing orders in Issuance Area.
  • Identifies damaged, lost or missing Materials and notifies Supervisor immediately.
  • Performs physical counting of Inventory daily, weekly and monthly. Informs supervisor of all variances.
  • Updates inventory in system and manually.
  • Checks and monitors Temperature of Cold Storages.
  • Checks and monitors equipment performance, notifies Supervisor for noted deviations (visual checking).
  • Maintains safe and clean work environment by keeping shelves, pallet area, storage area and work stations organized & hygienic.
  • Operates Forklifts, Hand Pallet Truck/Jack and other Material Handling Equipment in the daily operations of Main Warehouse Section.
  • Sanitizes and cleans all Main Warehouse materials, tools, equipment in a regular basis based on the Sanitation and Cleaning Procedure, Plan and Checklist.
  • Performs tasks that may be assigned from time-to-time.
  • Complies with procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Trains and supports new employees.
  • High School Graduate, Under Graduate of College or Vocational Graduate
  • At least one to two (1-2) years of experience in Warehouse Processes in Manufacturing and/or Food Industry.
  • Knowledgeable MS Office and excel.
  • Has SAP Module background, proficient in MS Office Programs
  • Has knowledge in Inventory Process and basic GMP.
  • Good Team Player, able to adapt easily.
  • Licensed Forklift Driver, knowledgeable and can operate all Warehouse Material Handling Equipment.
  • Multitasking ability and can manage high pressure work environment.

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Calabarzon - FPIP

Job Responsibilities:
  • Assist in development of new products and improvement of existing products and processes
  • Assists R&D Specialist in monitoring of batch trial and commercial runs, lab-scale trials and data gathering
  • Assists R&D Specialist in evaluation of raw material and packaging material samples
  • Conducts sensory evaluation i.e. Consumer Acceptability, Triangle Test, Paired Preference Test, etc.
  • Conducts actual shelf life study of new or existing products under study
  • Encoding of data gathered to be used for regular RDD reports
  • Assists in the standardization of production processes such as batch upsizing and process mechanization
  • Assists in RDD Document Control
  • Conducts competitive check and benchmarking on direct competitors
  • Prepares samples for sell-in activity c/o Sales, samples for photoshop c/o Marketing and samples for third part analysis
  • Graduate of B.S. Food Technology, B.S Nutrition, B.S Chemical Engineering, B.S Chemistry or any related courses
  • Preferably with 6 months to 1 year experience in food manufacturing specifically in bakery operations

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Calabarzon - FPIP

Job Responsibilities:
  • Ensure products produced are of good quality by following hygiene requirements, food safety requirements, and product quality checks in accordance to the policies/guidelines, and work instructions.
  • Check material availability and conformity to standard specifications of machine/equipment. Perform on-floor quality inspections and adjust machine to correct any safety & quality faults observed and report to his immediate line supervisor or team leader or asst. team leader any major safety & quality non-conformities for immediate resolution.
  • Perform machine adjustment, troubleshooting, shift machine cleaning procedures, and minor maintenance work (such as clean, inspect, & lubricate, tightening) base on the standard. Assist maintenance technicians as necessary.
  • Ensure that equipment and environment cleaning are performed within the shift based on cleaning procedures and cleaning plan.
  • Responsible for all tools, machines, and equipment assigned to him/her in proper working condition and return/report all defective tools for replacement.
  • Assume other duties wherein he has received sufficient training/knowledge within his section and as instructed by his immediate line superior and team leader or asst. team leader and/or set by company policies.
  • Ensure achievement of targets and coordinate with the Team Leader/Asst. Team Leader/Production Line Supervisor and other related functions, regarding, materials, supplies, equipment, and quality issues.
  • Conduct hygiene and housekeeping activities and maintain a safe and healthy work environment consistent to company standards and government regulations.
  • Partner and support the Production Line Supervisor, Team Leader, Asst. Team Leader and QA/QC departments in addressing quality issues and developing corrective actions/projects in the production that drive zero incidents.
  • Operate machines during the absence of the other designated operator.
  • Do risk assessment of the work area and implement controls as stated in the standard operating procedure.
  • Participate in root cause problem solving discussions and ensure corrective actions are implemented on time and in full.
  • Perform other related duties as maybe required by the team leader or production line supervisor.
  • Think of project and proposals related to production reduction of losses and initiatives that target zero waste and relaying the information to his superiors.
  • Ensure that his area of responsibility is kept clean and orderly during the course of operation.
  • Ensure proper maintenance, cleanliness and safekeeping of any equipment/tools/utensils assigned to him.
  • Maintaining records - Prepare relevant shift reports, fill-up forms and checklists to record safety, production, and down-time and quality data.
  • High school graduate/undergraduate, vocational graduate/undergraduate and/or with technical course background.
  • With role in a bakery manufacturing set up.
  • Preferably knowledgeable in basic to high-end baking procedures and different baking principles.
  • With background in GMP, SSOP, HACCP and ISO systems.
  • Experience on production equipment operation
  • Exposure to troubleshooting equipment problems
  • Background on Occupational Safety, Food Safety and Hygiene and Continuous Improvement Program.

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Calabarzon - FPIP

Job Responsibilities:
  • Monitors, inspects and maintains all plant electrical facilities, equipment, devices and controls.
  • Informs immediate superior and/or other personnel concerned, to observe abnormal or unsafe condition that may require close attention, immediate repair/adjustment or equipment shutdown.
  • Monitors all machinery and equipment in the facilities area to make sure that all parameters, pressures, temperatures, voltage, frequency, etc. are within requires running condition.
  • Responds to immediate repairs and troubleshoot electro-mechanical problems, which arise during production in this specified area of responsibility.
  • Responsible for the operation and preventive maintenance of all electrical and auxiliary equipment of Waste Water Treatment plant and facilities.
  • Regular monitoring and servicing of all ACU's, dehumidifiers, refrigeration units, chiller, compressors, chillers and freezers.
  • Follows company rules and regulations, Good Manufacturing Practices, standard operating procedures (SOP)strictly and do housekeeping before and after working for a clean and safer working area.
  • Performs electrical, mechanical and civil works and minor fabrications works.
  • Monitors and maintain Steam Boilers & Water Softener making sure the system is sufficient and continuous in operation.
  • Prepare Daily Accomplishment Report at the end of the shift.
  • Performs other related functions that may be assigned by immediate Superior from time to time.
  • Vocational Courses or associate degree or technical certification related to the field is preferred.
  • Two (2) to Three (3) years of demonstrated experience in operation and maintenance of Waste Water Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis, Steam Boiler & Water Softener, Air Compressor, Water Pump, Fire Alarm System “FDAS”, Fire hydrant/sprinklers, Bulk LPG, Electrical Substation and Transformers.
  • Operation of production machines; Preventive maintenance; Electrical Securities and repairs; Air-conditioning system; Repairs of compressor and related systems
  • With TESDA NC II certification related to the field is preferable.
  • With HVAC or Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration training certification or Accreditation from known technical training schools is preferred.

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Calabarzon - FPIP

Job Responsibilities:
  • Visually inspects and verifies the finished products based on the set standard specification and guidelines.
  • Records checking and compliance result on paperwork using forms and transferring information on software.
  • Advises production when inspection results do not meet finished product specification.
  • Works with Quality Assurance Specialist to identify and correct, document, resolve quality issues.
  • Responsible for replenishing supplies and materials required for assigned area.
  • Minimum of High School Diploma or equivalent
  • At least 6 months relevant experience in Quality Control or Final Visual Inspection
  • Skilled in Microsoft Office and database applications (Excel, Word and Powerpoint)
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Team player and be able to perform high pressure work environment

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Calabarzon - FPIP

Job Responsibilities:
  • Conduct and match physical and computerized count of stocks and finished goods.
  • Record all inventory transactions (receiving/withdrawal of items)
  • Report any over stock, under stock and missing items.
  • Receive and reconcile finished good orders.
  • Process customer orders and work closely with warehouse operations.
  • College graduate (Industrial Engineering, Accounting, Computer Science)
  • Working experience on incoming and outgoing inventory of finished goods and logistics
  • Experience with food industry, an advantage but not required
  • Good mathematical and analytical skills
  • Can identify and understand issues, problems and opportunities
  • Demonstrates consistency and fairness
  • Knowledgeable in SAP, an advantage
  • Computer literate (Word, Excel and Powerpoint)

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