Fuwa Fuwa Soft Japanese Bread logo

Fuwa Fuwa means fluffy in Japanese.
Our brand’s image represents a warm cheerful face from ‘Fuwa chan’ where it shows an emotive promise of bringing smiles to everyone with every bite.

Fuwa Fuwa Select Loaf

Fuwa Fuwa custard fluffy bread paired with tea

What could possibly make your tea taste even better?

A luscious Custard-filled bun – for a treat you need to taste to believe

Fuwa Fuwa fluffy japanese loaf bread with strawberry spread

Spread your favorite fillings into Fuwa Fuwa Select Loaf and feel the love at every bite.

A delicious Fuwa Fuwa toast bread with butter

Days couldn’t be brighter without a classic French Toast, drizzled with maple syrup and melting butter
on top… enough said…

Delicious and fluffy japanese chocolate roll complemented by hot chocolate

Complement your warm hot chocolate with our Chocolate or Strawberry Rolls – indulge!